Advising for Dual-Credit Students

Thomas More is committed to making sure that high school students who are enrolled or thinking about enrolling in our dual-credit program are taking courses that are best suited to the needs of the student. 

Students who are just starting out in dual credit or looking to get some required, widely transferrable general education courses out of the way are recommended to start out with some Thomas More Core courses. These will be required for any TMU degree.

Are you curious about exploring a particular major?

We’ve partnered with campus departments to develop Dual-Credit pathways. Students interested in exploring one of these areas may wish to enroll in a pathway to get up to 12 hours toward a major completed, depending on the pathway. Please click on a pathway below to read more about the pathway, pre-requisites, and courses.

Are you planning to take a course online or on campus?

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

If you are interested in taking a course online or on campus, please email with any course questions you might have. Advising is available for any student that needs assistance in determining potential dual-credit courses. Prior to emailing or being advised, please have answers to the following items prepared.  

  • Any AP scores you have
  • A list of high school courses/credits you need to fulfill
  • Any transcripts/schedules showing dual-credit taken at other colleges
  • A list of any courses your school does not want you to take
  • The day/times you are available to take a course(s)
  • Your planned major
  • What college(s) you want to attend

Are you taking (or have you taken) other dual-credit classes at Gateway, NKU, and/or another college?

  • You’ll want to send an official copy of your college/university’s transcript to Thomas More’s Office of the Registrar upon completion of your course(s).
  • Are you taking classes toward an Associate’s Degree at Boone County Early College?
  • Are you taking classes toward an Associate’s Degree at Ignite Institute?