Quality Enhancement Program (QEP) for Advising

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Director, QEP

Academic Advisor Kelsey Wicher

Director of Academic Advising聽

Academic Advisor Devon Fisher

Professional Advisor College of Business

Academic Advising Ashley Hall

Professional Advisor College of Liberal Arts and Social Science

It’s All About Quality

The mission of the 澳门六合彩 QEP, Connect! Empowering Students through Advising to Navigate Pathways to Success, is to promote student success by increasing their ability to connect with, plan for, and achieve their educational goals. The QEP is designed with the following outcomes in mind:


  • The Connect! Advising QEP will provide services in the area of faculty and professional advisor training leading to increased knowledge of policies and procedures related to engaging students in productive advising and pathways to graduation.
  • The Connect! Advising QEP will promote student behaviors leading to increased retention and academic success.


  • Students will develop an educational growth plan based on assessment of abilities, interests, and values.
  • Students will apply at least two high impact practices to their educational growth plan.
  • Students will have knowledge and make relevant use of 澳门六合彩 success resources.
  • Students will persist and make timely progress towards graduation.

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